Personal Diary

Editors Yaakov Sharett

Year published 1978 - Hebrew

Publisher Maariv

מזהה 10

כותר Personal Diary

Moshe Sharett

 A Personal Diary 1953-1958

Moshe Sharett's first diary entry:

Friday, October 9

I am starting to write a diary, prompted by a sudden urge to record for posterity something of the tumultuous stream of events which makes up my life. This urge has arisen within me more than once, especially at times of toil and stress, but either my inner resources have failed me, or I have lacked the strength to respond to it, stifling the urge within me. I have said to myself I shall not be able both to live through these things and to set them down on paper. My strength is insufficient for this twofold pursuit. And so events and deeds have gone by, images have vanished, and voices have become mute. Some, surviving for some time, fade in memory, while most slip entirely into oblivion. I do not know why this evening in particular I should have found the vigour to begin writing, as they say in Russian, at one go. I doubt if I shall persevere and make an established custom of it. Nevertheless, I will try.