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14 The Other Approach Speech Jerusalem Post 18/10/1966 Sharett here declares that we should have understood better the profound shock and confusion in the Arab world following the establishment of Israel, and that we should have pursued peace by creating a climate of "mutual advantage", rather than seek to demonstrate our strength in reprisal actions.  
15 Israel and the Middle East - the Essentials for Peace and Progress Speech National Press Club, Washington D.C. 10/4/1953 The conclusion of a negotiated peace settlement between our neighbors and ourselves is not merely a matter of self-interest but a world necessity. Our peace conditions are but one - that we should be accepted, and accepted as we are, with our territory, population, and unrestricted sovereignty.  
16 Warning to the West: Don’t Arm the Arabs
U.S. News & World Report 17/9/1954 Is a new war about to break out? What should the US do about it? Is there a way to keep both Israel and the Arab world friendly to the West?  
17 Palestine Meets the Challenge
Address at Carnegie Hall 17/3/1943 Zionism is a victory over time and space. We have today in Palestine the only nucleus of crystallized physical strength that the Jewish people possesses.  
18 Peace Can Be Won
The Nation 23/4/1949 War has ceased to be a gamble between victory and defeat. It spells certainty of destruction for all. Peace and survival have become synonymous. The hope of mankind's survival lies in realization of the deadly peril.  
19 Hebrew - Instrument for Jewish Unity
Pioneer Women 1/1/1950 The Jews of Israel would have never been able to become a nation had they not possessed their own language... O nly thus we can create the essential and worthwhile unity that will raise the whole Jewish people to unprecedented heights of cultural life and creativity.  
20 The Jewish Battalions
Palestine and Middle East Monthly 1/8/1942 The right of the Jews to have an army of their own cannot be denied. It is the fact that Jewish battalions are now to be formed.  
21 Israel and the Arabs - War and Peace Speech Beit Berl 1/10/1957 I intend devoting this talk to the most outstanding problem in Israel 's foreign policy: that of our relations with the surrounding Arab world.  
22 The Flag Speech Brisighella, Italy 3/4/1945 Moshe Sharett played a key part in the establishment of the Jewish Fighting Brigade. He gave "The Flag Speech" before assembled troops of the Brigade . "This is a great moment in the life of every single one of us.... Long live the Standard of Israel's war on the battlefield!"  
23 At the UN Speech
11/5/1949 Moshe Sharett recalled that his people prayed for the day when all the peoples of the earth would unite to seek the salvation of mankind, and that it was the prophets of Israel who had bequeathed to the world the vision of a time when “nation shall not lift up a sword against nation; neither shall they learn war any more”.  
24 German Reparations Speech Knesset 9/1/1952 Our claim for reparations is nothing more than a demand for the return of part of the property stolen from Jews. The satisfaction of this claim cannot wipe out the fearful crimes committed by the Nazis and the stain they have left on the German people.  
25 Address Before The National Press Club Speech National Press Club, Washington D.C. 10/4/1958 Our dedication to a democratic way of life makes of Israel a focus of democracy capable of radiating its influence all around. This destiny entails a heavy responsibility, and we pray for strength, wisdom, and imagination to meet the challenge