Moshe Sharett and the St. James Conference
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להעלות לאתר לאחר הגהה וסידור מנגנון הערות תחתיות

Moshe Sharett, The Diaries and the St. James Conference

Eli Sha'altiel



Historian Elie Kedourie asserts that in the late 1930's a new line in British policy on the Middle East questions could be discerned - abandonment of the policy of building a Jewish national homeland and adoption of a pro-Arab attitude. This sharp turn is clearly seen at the Roundtable (or St. James) Conference called by the British Government in February 1939 to provide a format for Arab-Jewish negotiations.


The value of the political diaries of Moshe Sharett, which describe the debates and all related behind-the-scenes action of this important conference, is obvious.


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