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The website of the Society to Commemorate Moshe Sharett is intended to enable the user to learn about Sharett, his legacy, the Society's activities, and to access our extensive archive.


We are in a process of scanning our archive and external sources of information. Eventually all material will be available on this site, including a sophisticated search engine.


As this process will take quite some time, we have decided to upload as much material as possible, whenever it is available on electronic media, even in unfinished form (i.e. before final proofreading, etc.) and before final formatting.


Our large photo archive, due to copyright issues, will be available in limited form only.


Your comments and remarks will be appreciated.


Researchers in need of information not presently available on the site are invited to contact us.


Enjoy browsing our site!


Yoram Sharett (grandson of)

Website Administrator

Dec 2nd 2006